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Whole Body. Whole Mind.

The VDOM Prosthetic

Choose from three skin tones and two sizes to find your perfect fit. The VDOM prosthetic features groundbreaking technology that provides an on-demand erection with a simple button press. Experience the ultimate convenience and integration with a prosthetic designed to adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle.

The VDOM Custom Underwear

Choose from three unique styles of custom underwear that integrate seamlessly with our VDOM Prosthetic. Designed for ultimate comfort, our innovative connection system eliminates the need for cumbersome harnesses and straps, offering a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

The VDOM Mobile App

Transform your VDOM prosthetic effortlessly with our mobile application. No more fumbling around—simply use your smartphone or smartwatch to switch from flaccid to erect at the push of a button. Available on both iOS and Android for ultimate convenience.

Spread the Word in Comfort.

The VDOM Classic Tee

Comfy Lounge Underwear

The VDOM Classic Hoodie

Our Accessories

Uninterrupted - Organic Lube

Hero - Travel Case

Charging Cable

With The VDOM there is no need for medication or surgery to pursue a fundamental human experience; the ability to achieve an erection. A simple push of a button from a smartphone or smartwatch grants an on-demand erection in less than a minute. Our ultra-humanistic prosthetic was designed to revolutionize the lives of those grappling with erectile dysfunction or other anatomical restrictions of the genitals, but most of all, identity affirmation.

This is technology that imitates nature, providing a human touch to the feeling of intimacy and euphoria.


The VDOM is the first alternative to medication or surgery. An app-connected prosthetic genital, that can go from flaccid to erect at the push of a button from a smartphone or smartwatch. 



  1. The VDOM connects to our custom companion underwear.
  2. Download the VDOM app to your Android or iOS device
  3. Activate, pair and connect your VDOM.
  4. With a push of a button gain an on-demand erection. No medication nor surgery necessary.
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